Horse Training



My horse training philosophy is simple:  using the language of the horse, communicate effectively to build trust and a relationship based on mutual respect.  The aim? To create relaxed, confident, safe horses and owners; we want our clients to be  able to enjoy their horses and function with them as a team.

Contact me if you need help with:

  • Float-loading?
  • Ground work?
  • Gentling?
  • Starting under saddle?
  • Napping?
  • Bucking?
  • Separation anxiety?
  • Pulling back?
  • A horse that doesn’t respect your ‘space’?
  • Lightness?
  • Preparing your horse for the farrier?
  • unwanted or unacceptable behaviour?
  • improving your own confidence?

I also partner with trusted and thoughtful horse-people to work on projects together – especially working with and starting young horses, which we love.  I can provide training and support on a wide range of challenges; if you are struggling with something – ask me and I’ll do my best to work it through with you.

Influenced by a number of experienced trainers, I work to keep myself open and receptive to new ideas and methods.  I approach each situation armed with knowledge and experience, but with a beginners outlook.  This allows me to consider that there are many ways to tackle different situations, not just the one or two that often come by someone kidding themselves that they’re an expert – nothing teaches humility faster than working with a horse!

There are lots of people who can ‘fix’ a horse and then hand it back to the owner; the late and respected pioneering horseman, Tom Dorrance once explained:

“They are surface workers.  They are not getting to the in-depth for the horse OR the human.  They are just working on the surface and a lot of those people, I have seen them [the clinicians], they are [just] trying to promote themselves.  Some of them to a small degree, some of them to a full….  They get a lot of people’s attention……some of them……and maybe……talk along almost all day. [People] may get exposed to some good things, but so many times when those people go home, nothing much happens.”

 (Taken from the DVD ‘A Day with Tom Dorrance”.)

If what you want is a surface worker, then I’d rather you decide not to work with me.


My horse training fee structure, updated with effect 01 January 2016 includes options of:

  • hourly training sessions (rate on enquiry),
  • half day (4 hours ) training sessions, and
  • full day (8 am to 4 pm) training sessions.
  • agistment
  • individually tailored training packages
  • on-going training packages tailored to individual requirements

I can run clinics for groups (minimum 4 people, maximum 12 people) over the course of one or more half or whole days, either at our premises or at yours.  There is a standard call-out fee associated and a distance fee applies to all consultations.  For half-day bookings and genuine referrals from other clients I’ll waive the call out fee.  All fees are subject to GST at 15%

For me, a horse isn’t a mountain bike! I work closely and in depth with my clients to help them learn and embrace the philosophy that enables the relationship between human and horse.  It is an approach based on trust, mutual respect and understanding – and a philosophy that seems to make a difference.


For further enquiries please complete the contact form.




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