We provide three major services: Horse training, Leadership & Development, and Consultancy. Red Teaming is a sub-set of the Leadership & Development and Consultancy services. 

Our horse training services include helping clients with horses that exhibit unwanted or unacceptable behaviour. There are lots of people who can fix a horse and then hand it back to an owner – but a horse isn’t a mountain bike! Instead, we work closely with our clients to help them learn and embrace a philosophy that enables the relationship between human and horse. It is an approach based on trust, mutual respect and understanding and a philosophy that seeks to make a difference.

Our Leadership & Development is a natural extension of our work with horses. We find that the horse is a great vehicle for teaching (forgive the pun!) and provides endless examples for us to work with clients on individual development, team development, or team leader development. We particularly work with small and medium sized businesses, helping them in any number of ways from developing their focus, creativity or seeking innovative ways to think about and tackle the challenges they face.

Our Consultancy is conducted as an associate of and a specialist contributor to The Chester Group.

Our Red Teaming is undertaken with a philosophy that is about making the organisation with whom we work better across their spectrum of activities, through challenging them.



The Naked Horseman is a TGL Enterprise (see:


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