What can I do for you?

First of all, glance at the following questions:


  • Do you want to improve the performance and ability of leaders in your organisation?
  • Have you got a horse you’d like help with?
  • Are some of your leaders struggling with addressing difficult behaviours or poor performance in their teams?
  • Would you like nature and quality of the relationships within your organisation to be of positive benefit?
  • Would you like to improve the nature and quality of the relationships between you and either your customers, or even others generally?
  • Are you looking for help with how to best invest in developing and growing your leaders?
  • Is it important to you that a consultant would help you fix the right problem that you want and need to fix, rather than providing you with their solution?
  • Are you open to looking at an issue differently?
  • Would you, your people, or your organisation like help learning how to be comfortable with being outside your comfort zone?
  • Is spending your budget wisely to get visible, enduring results and tangible value for your money important?


If you’ve answered, “yes” to any of these questions, or you answered “yes” more than once, then let’s talk. You can send me a message below and I look forward to hearing from you.

You can read more about my services by clicking on an item below, or by exploring the “Services” menu.


The reasons clients seek me out to work with them vary. Examples include wanting to learn how to manage emotions and understand the application of integrity, wanting to learn how to better manage difficult situations, deal with challenging behaviours, or manage individuals in a team and build authentic relationships. However, it is important that I spend time with a client, prior to a clinic to make sure we have a shared understanding of what “the problem” is that we are intending to work on together – I need to be sure we both can answer “what’s the learning need?”

Here’s just one example of my work. It was different from my usual work, but I’m really proud of the results after spending time with this client. This is a father who came to me seeking ways to improve the way he engages with and interacts with his high energy sons; In this first session, he was learning to deal with frustration and understand what patience is: watch.