As ‘The Naked Horseman’, I strip down and present the bare essentials of leadership. I also train horses, and help people who are struggling with their horse’s behaviour. So if you’re interested in learning more, then keep reading!


Leadership and horses are both BIG topics and there are lots of ‘experts’. Together with my clients, my horses help me illustrate certain points about the topics of relationships, leadership, communication and behaviour through equine facilitated learning (EFL). You can read more about EFL here, but there’s a pretty basic premise underpinning EFL.  That is: the opportunity for greater understanding of an issue or subject – and subsequent growth – is presented when a relationship is initiated between the human and the horse. However, it is not about the horse, and its not about some mumbo-jumbo, stare-at-goats, cloud-bursting, weird day out in the country either.   


I use over 21 years of relationship, leadership, communication and behavioural professionalism, combined with nearly 17 years of horse-professionalism to draw out the experience and knowledge of my clients. Just like people, no two horses are ever the same; one-size does not fit all and a one-off session is not a guaranteed cure-all necessarily.

When I am not working with horses or people, I write articles and posts about things I care about.  Things I have spent time pondering over (and yes, daydreaming at times over) and which I hope will drive conversation or make readers think. The sentiment I’m trying to express is best captured for me by trying to write articles which answer the question, “Why is this important to me?” Leadership, horses and writing are all important to me.  I have found a way to combine all three of those things and I am honoured to work with some extraordinary people who put a lot of faith in my ability to make them better at what they do. Thank you to those people – you know who you are.  I am also grateful to have fantastic mentors – similarly, thank you and you too know who you are!


For the latest blog, go to ‘Recent Posts’ on the right-hand side of the page. You can also browse through blogs either in the archives, or by category. If you have an idea for something you would like me to write about, please drop me a line….




….thanks for stopping by and enjoy!





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